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Dog food without chicken

Nala Health Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Nourishing dog food tailored for dogs with food allergies, with protein from black soldier fly larvae - complete and easily digestible.

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Easily Digestible

Easily Digestible

With probiotics, prebiotics and butyrate to support a sensitive stomach and a well functioning immune system

Allergy-Friendly Recipe

Allergy-Friendly Recipe

Free from common allergens such as soy, chicken, beef, wheat, maize, eggs and dairy.

Supports the Skin Barrier

Supports the Skin Barrier

DHA omega 3 and coconut oil support the skin barrier and may have an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with itching.

Health in Focus

Developed by dog nutrition specialists, Nala Health offers a carefully crafted blend of innovative and tasty ingredients chosen primarily for their health benefits.

Our recipes are allergy-friendly, featuring novel insect protein from black soldier fly larvae as a clean, traceable, and complete protein source. The food is also formulated to support the dog’s immune system and the skin barrier, which is often compromised by allergies. The food includes ancient grains like millet and sorghum, adding essential minerals while being less allergenic.

We offer 4 recipes tailored for puppies, adult small dogs, adult medium to large dogs, and seniors.

hypoallergenic dog food

Customer Stories

  • Mali and Kiran

    Kiran, who has struggled with allergies and has been on different expensive allergy foods for years. After switching to Nala Health he has had no issues. Mali, who has always been a picky eater, has a good appetite and eats well. Their stools are also good and their fur is shiny.

    We are so happy with the food!

    Ida (Pet parent)
  • Testimonial Nala Health - Georgi


    I have a GSP dog who is allergic to all dry dog foods (I have tried all the main brands and she gets a horrible rash on her stomach and a very sore gut) and up till now she has only tolerated ostrich or turkey wet food. I introduced the Nala very slowly over three weeks and its working! No rash and back to her high energy self.

    Jacqui (Pet parent)
  • Brumle

    Nala Health is the only thing that has worked perfectly for Brumle! We have tried a lot of different things, but since we started with Nala Health, his coat is fantastic and his itching is completely gone. Nala Health is one of the only types of food that doesn't contain anything he's allergic to without being ultra-processed and completely tasteless.

    Silje (Pet parent)
  • Wilma

    This food is the best. My 9 year old French bulldog no longer itches, she has no redness under the chin, no loose stools and no shedding!
    She has had all these problems for years. Now the old problems have disappeared.

    Eva (Pet parent)
  • Veterinarian chooses insect protein

    Noor, Zonar and Pan

    As a veterinarian and dog owner, I prioritise top-tier nutrition for my pets. Our excitement was palpable when Nala Health's first delivery arrived. All three dogs relished the taste, and it met my stringent standards for quality. I appreciate Nala Health's environmentally-conscious approach using insect protein. I wholeheartedly recommend Nala Health dog food.

    Dr Kristine Steinsland (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testimonial

    Lykke and Diva

    Lykke was suffering terribly from IBD causing diarrhea, bloody stools, and pain. This prompted an immediate switch to Nala Health. Within a day, her condition improved significantly with firmer stools and no blood. After three days, she was back to her old self. My other French Bulldog, just 5 months old and battling giardia, also showed dramatic improvement after switching to Nala Health despite ongoing medication. Within two days, her symptoms eased. I believe Nala Health has been crucial in their recovery.

    Hilde (Pet parent)
  • Testemonials Nala Health Zaffi


    Zaffi was diagnosed with IBD and pancreatitis. He now eats Nala Health senior food and is a happy chap – and he has never been more stably healthy. Choosing dog food for my dogs has to fulfil 3 criteria; the health of my dogs, the impact on the environment, and animal welfare. Cost, of course, is also a consideration

    Bernhard (Pet parent)
Premium dog food


Many dogs suffer from food allergies, reacting negatively to proteins like chicken, soy, and beef. Such dogs often benefit from diets featuring novel protein sources to ease their symptoms. Insect protein, particularly from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), serves as a nutritious and complete alternative. Nala Health provides hypoallergenic dog food with clean, honest ingredients, using BSFL protein. This protein is easily digestible, rich in all 10 essential amino acids for dogs, and produced without antibiotics or growth hormones, ensuring a clean and sustainable protein source.

Insect Protein

Let’s take a closer look at what black soldier fly larva has to offer:

Complete protein: BSFL is a complete and easily digestible protein, nutritionally comparable to fish.
Zinc and iron: BSFL contains more zinc and iron than lean meat.
Calcium: BSFL contains more calcium than milk.
Fatty acids: BSFL contains essential fatty acids. The fats also add flavour to the food.
Fibre: BSFL contains fibre, unlike other meats such as chicken and beef.

Insect protein for dogs
Dog food without chicken

Future Focused

We also want to support a more future-oriented and less resource-intensive food production. The production of insect protein emits a fraction of the greenhouse gases compared to traditional meat production, marine algae is a sustainable source of DHA omega 3, ancient grains are more drought resistant and the baobab fruit is grown on a regenerative farm.

Good for our dogs and good for the planet.

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Elimination diet for dogs with food allergy

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Allergic cross-reactivity 

Allergic cross-reactivity 

Can Dogs Eat Insect Protein? They Can and They Should!

Can Dogs Eat Insect Protein? They Can and They Should!

In the quest for sustainable, hypoallergenic, and nutritionally rich protein sources for our dogs, insect protein has emerged as a front-runner. The black soldier fly larvae, a primary ingredient in Nala Health’s dog food isn’t just another protein source; it’s a superfood. Packed with all 10 essential amino acids that dogs require, this protein powerhouse also boasts beneficial fats, fiber, and essential minerals.

From a Vet's Perspective: My Experience With Nala Health

From a Vet's Perspective: My Experience With Nala Health

As a veterinarian, it's my passion to ensure our four-legged friends receive the best care and nutrition available. Over the years, I've seen many trends in dog food come and go, but it wasn't until recently that I came across something that really caught my attention - insect-based dog food from Nala Health.

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