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Nala Health stands for quality that doesn’t cut corners and what in your dog’s bowl matters to us. Our dog food is a testament to innovation, taste, and integrity. We believe your furry companion deserves nothing less, which is why each ingredient we use is carefully chosen to ensure their health and happiness.

Our recipe contains a blend of nature’s finest gifts, including insect protein, probiotics, marine algae, Taurine, sorghum and baobab.


Our formula is scientifically crafted to support:

Joints and Bones: Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and omega 3 support bones and healthy joints.

Cognitive Well-being: Marine algae is a sustainable source of DHA omega 3 which contributes to concentration, attention and memory.

Radiant Skin and Fur: Cold-pressed canola oil and coconut oil contain fatty acids that contribute to shiny fur and soft skin.

Happy gut: Fibre and probiotics help to maintain healthy intestinal flora and butyrate is added to support the gut lining.


We know many dogs suffer from food allergies, often to a source of protein. Nala Health offers a solution that’s both complete and friendly for sensitive tummies. Our dog food harnesses the power of a novel protein source from black soldier fly larvae. Our recipe is also free from soy, wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy products.


Our powerhouse protein source, the black soldier fly larvae from Cape Town. It boasts:

Complete protein with all 10 essential amino acids.

More zinc and Iron than lean meat. 

More calcium than milk.

Healthy fats and fibre.


Sustainable goodness in every bite


Our 100% recyclable PET plastic bags come with an easy-to-seal velcro top, ensuring your dog’s food stays fresh while leaving a lighter footprint on the environment.


At Nala Health, we craft with love. We’re on a mission to give back more than we take, offering your furry friend premium nutrition while conserving nature as best we can.