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The inspiration behind Nala Health is the family’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nala. She suffered from food allergies, which began our journey to finding nutritious and allergy-friendly food for her. Nala Health was established by Cecilie, Synne and Finn in 2019 and is a family business focusing on health, sustainability and dogs.

We want to contribute to more sustainable and honest food production by offering products that positively affect dog health, social sustainability and the environment.

Nala means gift in Swahili and through our food we want
to give dogs the gifts nature has to offer.


Meat production emits 60% of all CO2 globally – the production of meat for dog food contributes to this. Additionally, the meat our dogs eat is often of lower quality. We want to be a part of more sustainable and honest food production by offering products that positively contribute to our dog’s health, social sustainability and the environment.

Good for our dogs and the planet.


We have worked with innovative dog nutritionists to develop our food that is ethical, sustainable, nutritious and tasty. Our primary source of protein comes from Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a complete, clean and bioavailable source of protein that is also allergy-friendly. By replacing meat with insect protein, we reduce our dog’s ecological footprint considerably, while feeding them high-quality food.


Nala Health is produced locally in South Africa, which is a country with some social challenges. A lot of the challenges can be solved through good education and job opportunities. We have selected partners who not only are experts in their field but who also support social development. Their employees are provided safe working conditions, fair wages, knowledge exchange and educational opportunities.


Our insects are part of a circular economy – 1 kg Nala Health insect protein diverts 5 kg of food from the landfill by using clean plant waste from microbreweries in Cape Town. The insect fras (waste) is used as high-quality, natural fertiliser for farms and nurseries.