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Dog food with purpose.

Nourish your dog with Nala Health! Black soldier fly larvae-based dog food for optimal health and a lower carbon footprint.

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Balances your dog's gut health with probiotics and fibre.



Supports your dog's immune system, muscles, joints and cognitive health with premium insect protein, omega 3 and sea lettuce.



Nourish your dog with functional ingredients like baobab, rooibos and marine algae.

the best dog food

Local innovation

Locally made in South Africa with innovative, tasty, allergy-friendly and sustainable insect protein. Each ingredient is carefully selected to promote your dog’s health.

No GMO, fillers, soy, corn or wheat.

Our pawsome customers

  • Testimonial Nala Health - Georgi


    I have a GSP dog who is allergic to all dry dog foods (I have tried all the main brands and she gets a horrible rash on her stomach and a very sore gut) and up till now she has only tolerated ostrich or turkey wet food. I introduced the Nala very slowly over three weeks and its working! No rash and back to her high energy self.

    Jacqui (Pet parent)
  • Veterinarian chooses insect protein

    Noor, Zonar and Pan

    As a veterinarian and dog owner, it is important to me to give my dogs the best possible nutrition. We were all very excited when we got our first delivery with Nala Health on our doorstep. All three dogs loved the taste and it met all my requirements for high-quality food. I value the opportunity to feed the dogs with a more environmentally friendly alternative and I am impressed by the work Nala Health has done in developing a high-quality dog food based on insect protein. I would recommend Nala Health dog food.

    Dr Kristine Steinsland (Pet parent)
  • Testemonials Nala Health Baloo


    When I choose dog food for Baloo I want to offer the same quality of lifestyle that I have for myself. I want the best for him and want him to lead and live the best life he possibly can and I feel that Nala health is providing exactly that through nutrition. When we swapped to Nala Health he had healthier poos, nicer breath and he lost some excess weight.

    Camy (Pet parent)
  • Testemonials Nala Health Zaffi


    Zaffi was diagnosed with IBD and pancreatitis. He now eats Nala Health senior food and is a happy chap – and he has never been more stably healthy. Choosing dog food for my dogs has to fulfil 3 criteria; the health of my dogs, the impact on the environment, and animal welfare. Cost, of course, is also a consideration

    Bernhard (Pet parent)
  • Testimonials Nala Health

    Lilly-Mae and Rusty

    For years we fed our dogs what we thought was good dog food. However, we always had to substitute with some extras like family leftovers... just to make the dogs eat. With Nala, we feed them just the right portion and no unhealthy titbits to make them eat. They just eat their portions dry and as served and they LOVE it.

    Best decision we have ever made for our Pets!

    Shaun and Gordon (Pet parent)
  • Testemonials Nala Health Charlotte


    Charlotte absolutely loves Nala Health! As an older dog who needs to have her weight kept in check, Nala is the perfect brand.

    Richard (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial


    We did a little experiment with three bowls of different dog food to see which Louis would prefer. Nala Health was the clear winner! Louis thinks Nala-food is heavenly.

    Ragna (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial


    Toby loves the taste of Nala Health and couldn't get enough of these delicious pellets. They really make his day. We highly recommend Nala Health.

    Sue (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial


    We were very worried about our 13 year old dog, Cusco, as he suddenly lost his appetite. I will never forget the day we first introduced Nala Health to him. He changed from being completely uninterested and lying on the floor all day to almost jumping & running around the house and asking for more. We are very happy with Nala Health and Cusco is a huge fan!

    Åse (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial


    My beautiful boy Smoothy had cancer and unfortunately lost his appetite towards the end. While searching for healthy food that he would eat, we came across Nala Health. He regained his appetite and looked forward to meals when we began feeding Nala food. He even refused to take his medicine unless it came with his kibble. Smoothy took with him the fond memory of Nala Health that he just loved and looked forward to every day. Highly recommended!

    Sharon (Pet parent)
  • testimonial nala health

    The Team-Xit

    I contacted Nala Health because despite feeding my dogs with reputable food, I experienced that my dogs struggled with diarrhoea and digestive problems. Now they eat Nala Health dog food and are doing really well!

    Sofi (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial


    Honey recently had the opportunity to taste your fabulous new dog food. She gobbled it up so fast and loved the taste. We are very impressed by the quality of your ingredients and the flavour of the food.

    Adéle (Pet parent)
  • Nala Health testemonial

    Seline and Luna

    Our huskies Selene and Luna have taken to Nala Health like ducks to water. Luna has had two knee operations and it's so pleasing to see her running and in good health again. Selene has always been a picky eater, often skipping meals, but she never says no to a bowl of Nala Health!

    Linda (Pet parent)

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